Our Job


Our Job :


This is for those who do not want to waste time and money. In fact the best way to avoid traps when shopping in Bali and throughout Indonesia , is to call a real professional, experienced and respected , trilingual , installed in Indonesia for many years , and with a wide network of suppliers.

AG Bali Export meets all this qualities.

Our remuneration is a commission, which ranges from 15 to 20% of the total amount of your purchases , the commission rate varies depending on the difficulty of your orders, but it is defined or fixed before any collaboration. This is the only fee we will ask you.

This compensation is justified by the work described below:

Buy your furnitures or other products in Indonesia with AG Bali Export  , is easy !

2 methods :

Sketch made ​​with the client, and submitted to the factory for quote.

Sketch made by us, ​​with the client, and submitted to the factory for quote.

  • You do not have the time to travel to Indonesia, you want order use email :

No problem , after many exchanges of email , then we understand your request , you will validate all your purchases after receiving proposals , product photos, descriptions , prices and dimensions , then when ok for you, we will order for you.


  • You want to come in Indonesia to choose your products yourself ( by far the best option ) :

If you wish we can pick you up at the airport to take you to your hotel or villa ( we can take care of booking), then, when you ‘re ready, we pick you up at your hotel or villa in the morning for a day of shopping with us. We will bring you to all our suppliers you interest in , they all have been selected for their serious.

Photo finished product at quality control, submitted to the client for validation.

Photo finished product at quality control, submitted to the client for validation.

If you find something you like, we command immediately .

We will spend many days together as needed, to finalize your purchases into every details.



You will still have 2 things to do !

1 – Select your local forwarder , it loads the container with us, then shipped to the Port of Surabaya by road or by boat, to be charged on the final cargo . (If you wish, we will advise you on this point, we have been working for many years with Toh Jiwa Niaga or Permata Cargo)

2 – Choose your freight arrival company , he manages the shipping company, he receives the container in your country, make the customs clearance. (we can advise you on choosing the right freight forwarder depending on your country)

We can ship your container almost anywhere on the globe, our main destinations are France, Australia, French Polynesia, Dubai, Guadeloupe, New Caledonia, South Africa, the Reunion Island , etc …


Then Bali Export AG takes care of everything !

Check size and quality before packing.

Check size and quality before packing.

When purchases are made , our job actually begins , we follow orders, if necessary, we will send you pictures of your items during manufacturing . And when all your purchases are ready, we make a tour of all suppliers to make a very careful quality control.

After checking each items and quantity , we organize the collection that we monitor via the local freight forwarder of your choice.

Your goods are now in our warehouse, we supervise packing. For furniture we use foam-set and cardboard to protect the wood. for heavy and fragile items , we use wooden box , small items in standard cartons, etc …

When everything is ready, we order the empty container ,  we supervise loading , so that



it is fully optimized , ensuring the position of fragile parts so nothing breaks. We are present until closing and installation of security seal . Then the container takes the drive to Surabaya to be loaded on the ship.

But our mission is not quite complete, we still need to edit all the documents, including the famous ” Packing List ” necessary for custom clearance in your country. This documents will be send to you using  DHL or TNT.


Few weeks later, you will receive the container in the place of your choice.

Product already delivery.

Product already delivery.



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