Who are we ?



Ayu & Gilles, for A.G. Bali Export.


Ayu, makes you enjoy here shopping and logistics experiences in indonesia.

Ayu when communicating with a client on skype

Ayu when communicating with a client on skype

Before creating AG Bali Export, Ayu started by working at an international freight Cargo in Bali, while Gilles bought furnitures and decorative items in Bali and Java to export in France in his own stores. So naturally Ayu decided to create AG Bali Export.

AG Bali Export, is an Indonesian company with 12 years of existence and experience in research and product development, sourcing,  purchasing and shipping from Bali and throughout Indonesia.

Ayu’s customers include hotels or restaurants owners, furnitures and decorative objects stores , developers, but also many private customers for Villa.


Projects references :


AG Bali export sourcing bandeau

  • SHERATON Gouaro Deva – Noumea, New Caledonia 2013
  • SAVOY Hotel & Resort, Seychelles Islands 2013
  • CAFE MARITIME, Restaurant & Lounge, France, Bordeaux 2013
  • AQVA Resort & Suites, Bali 2013
  • ACW 3 Towers Apartment, Dubai 2013
  • LA VILLA MARGALEX, Restaurant, France, Lacanau, 2012
  • ATLANTIC Tower Apartment, Dubai 2012
  • MILLENIUM Hotel, Rame Group, Bahrain 2012
  • LES 4 MONDES, Chambre d’Hôte, France, Vieux-Boucau, 2012
  • KINGSTON LOUNGE at Jamaica Airport 2012
  • HOTEL L’OYAT & Restaurant L’IMPREVU, France, Lacanau, 2011
  • LEMURIA Resort, Relais Chateau Pralin, Seychelles Islands 2010
  • LONG BEACH Resort, Mauritius 2010
  • PEARL BEACH Hotel, Bora Bora, French Polynesia 2009

And many others…

AG Bali Export sourcing hotels restaurants

 With AG Bali Export, your purchases are in good hands. 


During all this time, Bali Export AG has developed a network of suppliers and partners in Bali and throughout Indonesia, to meet almost all requests.

AG Bali Export deals as well, very small orders for specific individuals needs, as large volumes to retailers, hotels and restaurants …

AG Bali Export is your trusted partner for all your export project from Bali, Java and elsewhere in Indonesia.


Why you need us ?


Acheter Importer meuble baliThe main motivations of any buyer in Indonesia are, to be able to order their own customized products, and also have a wide selection of products from low to high range, and of course make a good deal !

The strength of Indonesia is the wide variety of products : you will find an incredible choice of indoor furnitures, modern outdoor furnitures, teak garden furnitures, synthetic rattan, stainless steel products,  decoration objects, natural decorative roots,  varied lighting, garden huts (Gazebos), wall cladding stone to whole house prefabricated exotic wood… PLease visit the Products section of our website.

Bali Pebbles


Of course you can make your shopping alone, when you come to Bali , but this is not so easy as it looks , in fact people often wonder, and are rightly concerned :

What are the suppliers i can trust in , there are so many ?

Is the quality of the products i ordered will  be identical to what I saw in the showroom ?

Is the seller understood my request and my expectations, despite the ten “yes” he served me?

Who will receive the goods, then check the quality, and supervise the packing and shipping. Because I  will already back home  when the orders finish !

Did i really paid the right price ?


This is where we come

Our service will keep you from stress and worry, then you can focus  on your choice of purchasing, “design” , finishing, etc …

Finally our role is to save you money.

After identifying your wishes , we will bring you directly to the right suppliers , manufacturers or stores, so you can choose your models. You, the provider , and we, take the time all together to elaborate your order. The price is negotiated at that time.  As we continually buy in Indonesia , we know the good prices,keep us from long discussions , and the risk that the supplier make a bad job  to make up is profit, for lost when trading.

Once all orders made ​​, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Bali, because we take care of everything else, until the delivery of the container at your country.

Bali Import Export


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